32cm approx

Sahara Haze
32cm approx (SOLD)

Colliery (front)
12cm approx (SOLD)

Colliery (back)
12cm approx (SOLD)

Sahara Haze (front)
12cm approx (SOLD)

Sahara Haze (back)
12cm approx (SOLD)

Bethany graduated from De Montfort University in 2014 with a degree in Design Crafts, specialising in hot glass. Now based just outside London, she creates her own unique art works and also collaborates with fellow glass artist, Elliot Walker. 

Taking inspiration from a wide range of sources, Wood’s influences are taken directly from the world around us, elements of the inner-city sit alongside expansive landscapes. Reoccurring themes are Graffiti & Urban Culture, exploration & travel. 

An equal passion for painting physically inspires how she controls and manipulates her glass. Recreating the fleeting nature of brush strokes, Wood’s molten colours traverse across the surface of her glass canvases blending in a myriad of hues. Unlike their flat painterly counterparts, these combine and merge, forming spontaneous watery and lava like abstract relief flourishes. 

“If I was not an artist, I would have been a performer. I chose glass, which I do believe is a performance of art; both disciplines create the same energy. There is rhythm and adrenaline in glass making, within a routine that is planned very carefully”