Celia’s paintings are predominantly based on the landscape around Niton, with which she is very familiar. She paints from memory which she feels enables her to capture the essence of a time and place rather than just a visual representation. Celia likes to move out of her comfort zone when she paints and likes to give the viewer something to contemplate.

Her influences include Patrick Heron, Paul Nash, Ivon Hitchins ,Peter Lanyon, Paul Klee, and Picasso among a host of others. These artists, she feels, have broken traditions of landscape painting with their very individual styles of mark making. She is interested in the process of deconstructing the landscape and piecing it back together, so from a distance it is recognisable but the closer you get the more abstracted it becomes, so the painting draws the viewer in. Patrick Heron’s landscapes, in particular have been an influence in this regard.