Acrylic pendant

Hinged acrylic bracelet

Long slim drop acrylic earrings

Acrylic reversible pendant

Acrylic hinged bracelet

Acrylic art gallery bracelet

Pebble on bars

Choker square fire block

Lime grey 50’s bangle with holes

Lime grey 50’s Studs

Purple lime oval zig zag studs

Purple lime long oval drops on Sterling silver wire

Twisted Bangle ‘Fire’

Purple lime bangle slim thin cuff (large)

Lime grey triangle block brooch

Purple lime kite block on bars

” I love art and I am most excited by making interesting yet practical jewellery designs that people enjoy wearing and bring them compliments. I produce a wide variety of jewellery including items that can be used every day, as well as more formal designs for special occasions and items in between.

I take inspiration from many different sources; from nature, from ethnic traditions, from the ideas of various artists and artistic movements, modern architecture and the wallpaper and textile designs of the 1950’s. I find acrylic (aka Perspex, Lucite, Plexiglass, PMMA) the most fascinating and versatile of 3-D media. It combines deep transparency and intense clarity with the most surprising reflectivity from internal surfaces. It is capable of capturing light and colour and form and reflecting it back in myriad ways.

I use a variety of techniques including cutting, heating, and moulding block, sheet and compounds to produce my shapes, while other pieces are cast, laser-cut or moulded. I have developed my own processes to decorate it. It can be coloured or clear, patterned or plain, smooth or textured, sculpted or engraved, matt or polished, in almost any combination to reflect mood.

I am constantly experimenting and this material facilitates endless creativity through varying shape, colour, texture and decoration. But I don’t just love it for its impact and visual complexity but because of the many different ways it can be adapted to be worn as jewellery, both as adornment and as art”.



6 Stodman Street

Newark on Trent


NG24 1AN


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