Storm Approaching
Oils on paper
79 x 74cm approx.  SOLD

Down by the Secret Lake
Oils on paper
79 x 74cm approx.  £800

Wind Turbines at Sea
Oils on paper
72.5 x 85cm approx.  £800

Pathway to the Crop Fields
Oils on paper
82 x 76cm approx.  SOLD

On your Marks
100 x 70cm approx.

Oils on paper
79 x 73cm approx.  £800

Sarah Watson explores the beauty and dynamism of the natural landscape using oilsticks (pure oil pigment and wax for easy transport) which she translates into descriptive but uniquely expressive marks. Much of her work leans towards abstraction but the form is still held. Her work is strictly carried out en plein air, where her emotional response to her setting is clearly described. Any further oil painting in her studio will always be translated directly from these original works.

The flat farmland and huge skies of her home county of Lincolnshire provide her daily dose of inspiration. She is particularly in thrall to the constantly changing colours and patterns in the crop fields and the endlessly changing drama in the clouds. She sees something new in the landscape every day, calling Lincolnshire her ‘tireless, beautiful muse’.

She will also grab every opportunity to capture the varying landscapes wherever she travels, recent highlights of which have been painting trips to Norfolk, Northumberland, St Ives and the Lake District.

Born in Rutland in 1972, Sarah graduated from De Montfort University with a First Class degree in Combined Arts in 1994, specializing in Abstract Painting. After 15 years working in the music industry whist continuing to paint and undertake several large scale commissions, she has now settled in Grantham, Lincolnshire, to focus on her art.